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:icontrinity-cake:Trinity-Cake posted a status
you know what I hate a lot?
people thinking that drawing is the easiest job in the world, when it's not.
I hate being told that "you can make money with your art work!"
yes, I can, but one:
1. drawing takes hella time.
2. i'm not confident enough in my artwork.
3. taking real money for art makes me nervous and is a bit too much pressure on me, which is why I rarely do paypal and I do points only.

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Thongchan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
That's true
Some people would tell me the same thing once I get a go to college and take a job as a graphic or visual artist
Sometimes I'm not confident in my work because I spend time practicing on my anatomy
And when it comes to taking money, I would feel nervous and don't want to keep my client waiting too long, since I do have work outside of dA and spending time with my boyfriend and rest up.
I pretty much closed my commissions in order for me to focus on the current commissions I have to finish right now
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